List Of Halo Infinite Multiplayer Maps

List Of Halo Infinite Multiplayer Maps

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halo infinite maps

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game developed by 343 industries published by Xbox game studio. Its multiplayer was released on 15 November 2021 and the campaign on 8 December 2021. Halo multiplayer is getting unbeatable success and the most played game in Xbox since its released. Also, it’s released with enjoyable Ten maps and game modes. Here’s the name of all maps in Halo Infinite multiplayer.


halo infinite aquarius
Source - FatRat

Aquarius is an arena map. The map is an indoor base. It’s focused on botany research laboratory, with plant life all over the walls and shelves. Those plants make it so beautiful. This map is a corridor-based affair and split up by more rooms. Aquarius is a kind of map very good with close-range and medium-range weapons.


halo infinite recharge
Source - Ultimate Halo

Recharge is another indoor arena map. This map is all about verticality. You can show off grapple shot adventure by flanking opponents on this map. Also, Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword spawn depending on the map variant. Using game physics, big brain players can bring these weapons to them by using Grapple Shot or Plasma Grenade.


halo infinite deadlock
Source - Alluxions

Deadlock is a Big Team Battle match included from the launch of Halo Infinite Multiplayer. In a big team battle, there are two teams against 12 players. Deadlock is one of the biggest maps in infinite. Also, you will feel like classic Halo by playing on this map. There are two turrets on both spawns, by using turret players can protect their base in Capture The Flag or Stockpile game modes.


halo infinite behemoth
Source - UnitedG

Behemoth is a medium-sized map with an open area desert. This map is very good with long-range weapons. There few different vehicles available on this map such as warthog, banshee, brute chopper, etc. Clever players can make this map so interesting with Grapple shot adventure. Also, you can throw your enemies out of the map by using Repulsor. Only Capture The Flag and Slayer are available on this map.


halo infinite highpower
Source - FatRat

Highpower is the Next Big Team Battle map with a beautiful environment. This map is perfect for those who want to snipe and ripe off enemies with headshots. Slayer matches and Zone Captures are surprising madness in this map but, Capture The Flag and Stockpile are a bit hard in Highpower because this map is very open. By the way, if you have a skilled driver then it’s easy for your team. Highpower contains so many vehicles Like Banshee, Warthog, Razorback, etc.

Launch Site

launch site
Source - FatRat

Launch Site is a medium-sized arena map. This industrial base contains a saber ship that getting ready for launch. Also, there is a jump ramp that can launch your teammates to the enemy’s side if you like a quick rush to the enemy base take the risk and go with a plan. Launch Site contains vehicles like wasp, warthog, etc.

Live Fire

halo infinite live fire
Source - FatRat

Live Fire is the first map that is available to players in testing. This map is medium-sized with indoor chokepoints and the open area outside. Also, Sniper Rifle and Skewer spawn in the middle of the map close to the elevated vantage point. There is a tower on this map that can be a great place for a sniper. Finally want to say there are no vehicles available in Live Fire.


halo infinite street
Source - IGN

Streets is an arena map in the launch of Halo Infinite. Players can play against each other on the street with building cover and short-range combat situations. Streets look so cool with their street lights. But there are no vehicles and falling areas on this map. If you’re a run-and-gun player, this might be one of the great map for your playstyle.


halo infinite bazaar
Source - UtiedG

Bazaar is an arena-style map without vehicles. This map is inspired by part of Halo 2’s campaign (Battle of Mombasa on Earth). Playing on bazaar gives us a distinct feel from other maps because Fruit stands to occupy the vendor stores and chickens run rampant around the ground. Also, item and weapon pickups are in dangerous areas because enemies can see you even from many places.


halo infinite fragmentation
Source - FatRat

Fragmentation is a massive Big Team Battle map with forest biome in Halo Infinite. You can have so much adventure with Grappleshot. This map contains vehicles like Warthog, Banshee, Wasp, etc. The main thing is you can find a loot cave on this map. You can find useful items and weapons from this loot cave.

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