Telegram vs Whatsapp: Which one is better?

telegram vs whatsapp

Instant messaging apps provide users to send unlimited text chats, voice calls, and video chats including group chats. When we think about the instant messaging app, Whatsapp and Telegram are the first apps that come to our minds. Because Whatsapp and Telegram are two messaging apps popular among everyone. These two apps have millions of active users per month. If we talk about both apps we have to discuss features, pros, and cons. Currently, Whatsapp has 2 billion monthly active users, and Telegram has 550 million active users worldwide. Let’s talk about Telegram vs Whatsapp.

1. End-To-End Encryption- Telegram vs Whatsapp


In the Telegram app, end-to-end encryption is only available for secret chat. Also, users can activate self-destruct timers in messages(When you are chatting on Telegram, you can set a timer to delete messages after a fixed time). However, the user will get a notification if any tries to take a screenshot of the secret chat.


Users’ messages are only readable for sender and receiver because of the end-to-end encryption. But, if you backup your messages. They are not encrypted.

2. Cloud Storage- Telegram vs Whatsapp


Telegram offers its users unlimited cloud storage feature. So, users can store their messages, document, files, images, and videos. Also, users can access their cloud with any device by logging in.


On Whatsapp, you can share only file size up to 16MB and up to 100MB for documents at a time. Whatsapp doesn’t provide any cloud storage for users.

3. Multi-Player Platform- Telegram vs Whatsapp


You can log in to your Telegram account through any device, any time you want.


In Whatsapp, you can use only two platforms(Your mobile and the web). If you have a Whatsapp Bussiness account, You can connect your account to 5 devices (Including one phone and +4 additional devices for each number).

4. Group Chat Features- Telegram vs Whatsapp


Telegram allows up to 200,000 members in a group. Its group video calls can allow up to 1000 participants at a time. Also, groups have exciting features like quizzes, self-destruct messages, polls, and hashtags. You can share files up to 2GB.


Whatsapp only allows up to 256 members to a group. Its group video call can allow up to 8 participants at a time.

5. Advantages Of Bots- Telegram Only

This feature is everyone’s favorite feature in Telegram. There is some kind of bots in Telegram that gives us many features. Like watching movies, music players, torrent downloaders, game downloaders, etc. Unfortunately, this feature is not on Whatsapp.

Advantages of switching to Telegram

  • No need for a phone number
  • Can add a second number
  • Secret chat option
  • Easy to access through different devices
  • Create channels and follow them
  • Auto night-mode
  • Share your live location
  • etc


Both messaging apps are playing a huge role. Nowadays, millions of mobile users use this app for their personal use and business works. As a final decision Telegram is the winner. It doesn’t mean Whatsapp is bad. It’s still one of the best instant messaging app with 2 billion monthly active users. But, If you care more about your privacy and wish to get more features then Telegram is the best choice for you.