Things You Should Never Google

In most cases, Google is the best source to find information. Like, you have the whole world in your hand. But sometimes it can work against you.

Anything Belong To Criminal

anything belongs to criminal
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This one is serious. You begin to search for things like “how to make a bomb” out of pure interest. However, keep in your mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches. So, they can track your IP address that can appear in a database. If you don’t want to get in any trouble then don’t even try to search for things that belong to criminals.


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If you are going to search worms in Google, you will be very specific with Google search. Those searches getting show you creepy and annoying images and information.

Your Symptoms

your symptons
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If you have any health problems don’t search about it on Google. Google results can make you feel bad and scared by searching your symptoms. Because most of the health websites are not managed by medical professionals. So, those websites will not help you. If you have any kinds of health issues you must channel a real doctor.

Your Name

google search

If you’re going to Google your name. Most probably it’s going to show you offensive results. Like, bad photos, irrelevant content, and outdated information. some people take these things seriously. If you find anything like this, It’s not easy to delete them from the internet. So, don’t even try to search yourself on Google.


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You already have heard about Bedbugs(little monsters), Especially from hotel reviews, and maybe you have experienced their harm on your skin. Have you ever thought about what their infestations look like? If you want to sleep at night, so don’t Google anything about bedbugs.


cancer sucks
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Cancer is a terrible thing. Most people experience dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc. If you have any kind of these things please don’t Google it. Google results can give you shocking results and make you start panicking. You can channel a real doctor and get 100% accurate information about your issue.

Whether A Product is good or not

whether a product is good or not
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If you search for a product that is safe for your skin on the internet you will get many results. After you get results you can see ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in forums. You might get confused about should I buy it or not. So, before you buy it you are good to get advice from the experts or doctor.