12 Best Telegram Bots That Will Make Everything Easy

telegram bots

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging app available on Android, iOS, and desktop. Telegram works like other messaging apps btw it includes many exciting features more than other messaging apps. The telegram bots are one of the best features of this messaging app. These bots are helpful for power users to save time. In this article, we are talking about the best telegram bots that will help us in 2022.

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telegram now trending bit

Now trending bot is one of the best bots in telegram. This bot is very helpful for YouTubers and Bloggers. It can monitor Google trends, Youtube trends, Twitter trends, and many more. This bot shows what’s trending in your location.

telegram ifttt bot

IFTTT includes one of the best automation tools. With this bot, you can automate your tasks. Also, you can connect your Telegram account with 360 different services. As an example, you can upload your telegram photos and videos to Google Drive.

telegram skeddy

If you are a busy person you must take notes to remind everything. You don’t need to download any third-party apps for it. Now you can do it in Telegram bot named Skeddy. Skeddy can message you to remind things.

telegram file converter bot

File converter bot is one of the best bots in telegram. Using, this bot you can easily convert image, audio, and video files to any other format. If you’re going to use this bot. You never need to download any third-party apps to convert files.

telegram drweb bot

Dr.web stands for security. It helps us to protect from malware, work like anti-virus software. You can use Dr.web by sending or forwarding files to bot chat. Also, you can add to a group and check all files and links. If you worry about your security then this is a good bot for you.

FB Video Download Bot - @FBvidzBot

facebook video downloader

You can download any Facebook videos by using this bot. The only thing is you need to paste the Facebook video link to this bot.

telegram file to bot

File to bot is useful for people who don’t have enough storage to store data and who don’t like to pay for extra cloud storage. With this bot, you can save your files in unlimited cloud storage. Also, you can give access to files for your friends.

meme autobot

Meme Autobot is a good bot for people who like memes. It can generate memes for yourself in a few seconds.

rate sticker bot

RateStickerBot lets you rate random stickers and discover new sticker sets. Also, you can send your stickers to the rating base to get other people’s votes.

telegram sticker downloader

Sticker Downloader is one of the best bots with exciting features. You can download your single stickers with jpg, png, webp formats. The next thing is you can download your whole sticker pack by pasting its link to the bot. Also, you can use these stickers in your other messaging apps.

telegram airtrack

If you are looking for cheap price air tickets. It’s not easy to find them quickly. But Airtrack can make it easy for you. Next time book your plane trip with the bot by telling your route. Then it will let you know every price up or down the message with notifications.

telegram hotelbot

HotelBot is working same as Airtrack. It can help you find your budget by telling the name of the hotel and the city. Then it will monitor everything and give you trip cost through notifications.