15 Best Games For Low-End PC Without Graphics Card

Best games for low-end pc without graphic card

Are you looking for the best games for low-end pc without graphics cards? Then, you are in the right place. It’s okay if you have a potato pc with 2GB or 4GB RAM and don’t need any graphics card to play. Many great games can play on low-end PCs without a graphics card. These games typically use fewer graphics resources and can be played on older or slower hardware.

We have included many genre games like action, shooting, adventure, racing, first-person shooter, platformer, third-person games, multiplayer, open world, etc.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Why Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is good?

  • Run better on low-end PCs.
  • Iconic cast.
  • The game is still alive today.
  • Have a ton of modding scenes.


Genre – Open World/ Action/ Crime/ Story Rich/ Adventure/ Shooter/ Third Person/ Funny/ Sandbox/ Driving.

Released on – 6th June 2005

Developer – Rockstar Games

Publisher – Rockstar Games

GTA San Andreas System Requirements -

2. Assassin's Creed

Why Assassin's Creed is good?

  • Synchronization and health.
  • Kill strategy and animation.
  • Rich story.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ Sci-fi/ Open World/ Story Rich/ Singleplayer/ Stealth/ Medieval/ Third Person/ Historical/ Sandbox/ RPG.

Released on – 9th April 2008

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher – Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed System Requirements -

3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Why Need For Speed: Most Wanted is good?

  • Rich and excellent story.
  • A lot of automobile customization and vehicles.
  • Super action and adventure.
  • One of the best Need For Speed franchise games.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ Racing/ Simulation/ Open World/ Story Rich/ Driving/ Automobile/ Singleplayer/ Multiplayer.

Released on – 11th November 2005

Developer – EA Black Box

Publisher – Electronic Arts

Need For Speed: Most Wanted System Requirements -

4. Age Of Empires 2

Why is Age of Empires 2 good?

  • Graphics and gameplays are good for 1999.
  • Great war gameplay.
  • Good visuals and sounds.
  • Better than the Age of Empires 3.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ War/ Strategy/ Medieval/ 2D/ City Builder/ Real-Time/ Historical/ Base Building.

Released on – 30th September 1999

Developer – Ensemble Studios

Publisher – Microsoft Konami

Age of Empires 2 System Requirements -

5. Call Of Duty

Why is Call Of Duty good?

  • One of the best video games about World War 2.
  • The graphics and sounds are great.
  • It has a lot of weapons and actions.
  • Rich Story.


Genre – FPS/ World War 2/ Linear/ Realistic/ Co-Op/ Difficult/ Realistic/ Classic/ Action/ Adventure/ Story Rich/ Military/ First Person.

Released on – 29th October 2003

Developer- Infinity Ward

Publisher – Activision

Call Of Duty System Requirements -

6. Max Payne 2

Why is Max Payne 2 good?

  • Great storyline.
  • Best Action movies simulator ever.
  • Good gameplay experience with mechanics.
  • The controls are better than the original. Also, guns feel a lot with improved accuracy.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ Third-Person Shooter/ Story Rich/ Singleplayer/ Third Person/ Shooter/ Crime/ Vilonet/ Bullet Time/ Detective/ Cinematic/ Nudity.

Released on – 14th October 2003

Developer – Remedy Entertainment

Publisher – Rockstar Games

Max Payne 2 System Requirements -

7. Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time

Why is Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time good?

  • An excellent choice for any age with its rich storyline.
  • Good graphics and game mechanics.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ Parkour/ Third Person/ Classic/ Story Rich/ Time Travel/ Platformer/ Puzzel/ 3D Platformer/ Fantasy/ Hack and Slash/ Fantasy.

Released on – 2nd December 2003

Developer – Kudosoft

Publisher – Ubisoft

Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time System Requirements -

8. Minecraft

Why is Minecraft good?

  • Encouraging creativity and project planning.
  • Reinforcing problem-solving skills.
  • Quirky Graphics.
  • Exploration and multiplayer fun.


Genre – Sandbox/ Open World/ Action/ Adventure/ Co-Op/ Online Multiplayer/ Simulator/ Horror/ RPG/ Survival/ Singleplayer

Released on – 18th November 2011

Developer – Mojang

Publisher – Mojang

Minecraft System Requirements -

9. Among Us

Why is Among Us good?

  • Plenty of content for 3$.
  • Good character designs and pets with animations.
  • Each player gets roles to play in the game. It’s entirely fun when you get an imposter.
  • The concept of the games is simple. But, it’s more fun than you think.


Genre – Multiplayer/ Online Co-Op/ Cartoony/ Survival/ Colorful/ Sci-fi/ Aliens/ Top-down/ PvP/ Local Multiplayer/ Funny/ 2D/ Space/ Party Game/ Local Multiplayer.

Released on – 16th November 2018

Developer – Innerslothc

Publisher – Innersloth

Minecraft System Requirements -

10. Need For Speed Underground 2

Why is Need For Speed Underground 2?

  • A fantastic driving game.
  • Chilly soundtracks & many races.
  • Graphically the game is very good with its released time.


Genre – Racing/ Driving/ Open World/ Customization/ Story Rich/ Single Player/ Multiplayer/ Action/ Adventure/ Automobile Sim

Released on – 9th November 2004

Developer – EA Black Box

Publisher – Electronic Arts

Need For Speed Underground 2 System Requirements -

11. Prototype

Why is Prototype good?

  • Gameplay features.
  • Originality and engaging gameplay.
  • Skills and many more.
  • Good storyline with missions.


Genre – Open World/ Third Person/ Action/ Adventure/ Violent/ Single Player/ Sci-fi/ Story Rich/ RPG/ Parkour/ Sandbox/ Stealth/ Horror

Released on – 10th June 2009

Developer – Radical Entertainment

Publisher – Activision

Prototype System Requirements -

12. Just Cause 2

Why is Just Cause 2 good?

  • It has utilities that make it enjoyable.
  • A solid game with impressive graphics.
  • Massive map.


Genre – Open World/ Action/ Adventure/ Third Person/ Multiplayer/ Shooter/ Sandbox/ Comedy/ Physics/ Beautiful/ Destruction/ Moddable

Released on – 23rd March 2010

Developer – Avalanche Studios

Publisher – Square Enix

Just Cause 2 System Requirements -

13. Splinter Cell

Why is Splinter Cell good?

  • Grounded and pure stealth experience.
  • Numerous actions and adventures.
  • Great story.


Genre – Stealth/ Action/ Adventure/ Singleplayer/ Atmospheric/ Third Person Shooter/ Third Person/ Shooter/ Classic/ Difficult/ Tactical/ Strategy/ Co-Op

Released on – 18th February 2003

Developer – Ubisoft

Publisher – Ubisoft

Splinter Cell System Requirements -

14. Princes Of Persia: Warrior Within

Why is Princes Of Persia: Warrior Within good?

  • Improve combat action.
  • Amazing atmosphere.
  • Great story.


Genre – Action/ Adventure/ Parkour/ Third Person/ Puzzle/ Dark Fantasy/ Story Rich/ Gore/ Fantasy/ Hack and Slash/ Classic/ Dark Fantasy/ Time Travel/ Atmospheric

Released on – 30th November 2004

Developer – Ubisoft

Publisher – Ubisoft

Princes Of Persia: Warrior Within System Requirements -

15. Broforce

Why is Broforce good?

  • Hilariously explosive 2D action-platformer.
  • Action movie caricatures.
  • Tight and varied.
  • Deceptively deep.


Genre – America/ Action/ Adventure/ Co-Op/ 2D/ Platformer/ Indie/ Pixel Graphics/ Multiplayer/ Retro/ Side Scroller/ Funny/ Comedy/ Gore/ Arcade/ Epic

Released on – 15th October 2015

Developer – Free Lives

Publisher – Developer Digital

Broforce System Requirements -

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