Things to consider before buying a smartphone

Things to consider before buying a smartphone

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things to consider before buying a phone

These days smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. We need a smartphone to contact people, take photos and videos, play games, browse the internet, and store personal data. Here is why most people can’t live without a smartphone nowadays. If you want the best smartphone for your requirement, then you have eight things to consider before buying a smartphone. That’s why we wrote this article for you.


smartphone display

The display size depends on your requirement. If you use a smartphone to contact/ chat with people and make everything easy. Then 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches display is enough for you. But, if you play games, watch videos and movies, and take photos every time. Then you are good to choose a 5.5 inches+ display. Also, the FullHD display should be good, and QHD+ will be a bonus for you.

Operating System

operating system android and ios

The operating system is the first main thing in the smartphone that we must know. It depends on what you choose, iSO and Android. But, both of the operating systems are good with user-friendly interfaces.


smartphone processor

The processor is the ‘brain’ of the smartphone. It processes everything in the smartphone-like, photos, videos, games, and many more things. Processor performance depends on the number of cores(dual-core, quad-core, octa-core) and its clock speed(GHz/MHz). The higher number of cores and clock speed means you have higher performance. But, it doesn’t affect your works. It depends on if you want to play heavy games, take high-resolution images and videos.


smartphone camera

Choosing a good smartphone with a good camera is the first thing people do before buying a smartphone. Having a higher number of megapixels doesn’t mean its camera is good. It depends on ISO level, pixel size, camera software, autofocus, and many more.

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smartphone storage

There are two things we need to keep attention to in a smartphone. Those are Random Access Memory(RAM) and Read-Only Memory(ROM). Your mobile speed depends on the size of the RAM. Also, your smartphone memory size depends on ROM. My recommendation is your need to buy a smartphone with more than 32GB of memory size Because 16GB is not enough in modern days (Due to OS and Pre-Installed Apps taking a higher part in storage).

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smartphone battery

The battery is one of the essential parts of the smartphone. Your smartphone uptime depends on your usage and battery mAh. For normal average users, a 3000mAh battery is enough for full-day use. If you are a gamer and movie streamer, you need at least a 3500mAh battery for your work.


smartphone sounds

Speaker quality and headphone jack should be good if you stream videos and conferences most of the time. Also, the microphone quality should be good.

Build Quality

smartphone build quality

Build Quality is everything about the durability of a smartphone. Make sure smartphones need to made of metal or plastic. Those smartphones are resistant to drop because metal and plastic can absorb shocks. Also, its display must make of gorilla glass to protect the screen, and the IP rating should be good to survive from water and dust.


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